About Jeremiah Rex Smith Construction, LLC

Hello! I’m Jeremiah Rex Smith and I’d like to thank you for taking the time to learn more about Jeremiah Rex Smith Construction LLC. Construction and Concrete have been passions of mine ever since I was a teenager studying these arts under the experienced hand of my father, Rex P Smith. During the twenty plus years that have passed since that time I’ve been perfecting my abilities and have been honored to offer my skills and services to you through this company throughout the years.

Not only am I passionate about the actual design and hands on implementation of my trade, but I also gain an equal amount of satisfaction and fulfillment from making a difference in the lives of those I build for. Knowing that my customers will likely be enjoying their patios, homes, driveways and more for decades to come means a lot to me. I believe that this is clearly reflected in the work performed by this company, whether it’s the precision that we practice when squaring and leveling, or the quality that we demand from our suppliers when it comes to the concrete we use.

When it comes to service, we believe in sticking to our word and carrying out all that we promise. You can expect us to arrive on the job when promised and to conduct ourselves with a level of professionalism that you’ve come to expect from a leader in the construction field.

We are Licensed and carry Liability, Workers Comp and Auto Insurance.

These characteristics are responsible for producing our quality concrete:

● Attention to customers design and or plans and engineering.
● Building Inspections.
● Smith Construction Quality Tear out and Excavation.
● Team of professional carpenters and concrete finishers.
● Only select Contractors as needed.
● Focus on high quality sub grade work and compaction.
● Rebar dowels included with rebar reinforcement option.
● Geneva Rock 6-7+ engineered concrete mix.
● Concrete expansion and control joints – tool or saw.
● Decorative Custom multi-color stamping.
● Cure and sealer and color sealer

These qualities are important to our company:

● Safety
● Honesty and Integrity
● Dependable Crew
● Friendly Service
● Organized Project Schedules
● Quality Materials and Craftsmanship